[Biopython-dev] [Fwd: [OBF] Call For Birds of a Feather Suggestions]

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at burnham.org
Mon Jul 3 17:52:44 UTC 2006

The BOSC organizing comittee is currently seeking suggestions for Birds
of a Feather meeting ideas. Birds of a Feather meetings are one of the
more popular activities at BOSC, occurring at the end of each days
session. These are free-form meetings organized by the attendees
themselves to discuss one or a few topics of interest in greater detail.
BOF’s have been formed to allow developers and users of individual OBF
software to meet each other face-to-face to discuss the project, or to
discuss completely new ideas, and even start new software development
projects. These meetings offer a unique opportunity for individuals to
explore more about the activities of the various Open Source Projects,
and, in some cases, even take an active role influencing the future of
Open Source Software development. If you would like to create a BOF,
just sign up for a wiki account, login, and edit the 

2006 Birds of a Feather page</a>.
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