[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1939] Doc/Makefile does not build pdf, html, txt files completely correctly

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bill at barnard-engineering.com changed:

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------- Comment #1 from bill at barnard-engineering.com  2006-01-27 22:19 -------
I rewrote the Makefile for the Doc directory subtree. The gist of the
work was to properly call pdflatex, hevea, & hacha to build the pdfs,
htmls, & txt files from their .tex input files. I made a common.mk file
to abstract the common parts from the subdirectory makefiles.

I created a patch for the Doc/biopdb_faq.tex file, generated from
Doc/biopdb_faq.lyx, which contained an error from the perspective of the
doc-generating utilities.

I modified MANIFEST.in to include the new files, and to exclude the
files which will be subsequently generated by the make/build and hence
included in the distribution. I added a one line mod to setup.py to call
the Doc make [ os.system('make -C Doc') ].

I sent these changes to the mailing list

Recently I retrieved updates from CVS and discovered a small change I
needed to make. Doc/Makefile did not correctly clean the dirs and
subdirs; I fixed that with a command line env target, e.g. "make
TARGET=clean". I also modified the top level Makefile which called make
clean for the Doc directory so it uses the new calling convention. (This
is probably irrelevant to the purpose of that makefile however.)

The associated patches and new files will be attached to this bug report.

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