[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1964] New: GenBank.FeatureParser dies on LOCUS Record ADRCG

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Tue Feb 28 13:38:54 EST 2006


           Summary: GenBank.FeatureParser dies on LOCUS Record ADRCG
           Product: Biopython
           Version: Not Applicable
          Platform: Macintosh
        OS/Version: Mac OS
            Status: NEW
          Severity: major
          Priority: P2
         Component: Main Distribution
        AssignedTo: biopython-dev at biopython.org
        ReportedBy: mcolosimo at mitre.org

from Bio import GenBank
gi_list = GenBank.search_for("ADRCG")
ncbi_dict = GenBank.NCBIDictionary('nucleotide', 'genbank', parser =  
rec = ncbi_dict[gi_list[0]]

Bio/GenBank/__init__.py", line 1507, in feed
    line = self._feed_header(handle, consumer)
Bio/GenBank/__init__.py", line 1436, in _feed_header
    consumer.reference_bases(data[data.find(' ')+1:])
Bio/GenBank/__init__.py", line 458, in reference_bases
    locations = self._split_reference_locations(ref_base_info)
Bio/GenBank/__init__.py", line 496, in _split_reference_locations
    start, end = base_info.split('to')
ValueError: unpack list of wrong size

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