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------- Comment #2 from mdehoon at ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp  2006-02-16 19:33 -------
> I was reading some examples in the biopython tutorial and cookbook and for the
> first time, since I'd already read it many times, I get confused...
> Transcribing the dna sequence ATCG produces the AUCG rna sequence or the UAGC?
> Biopython does the first one, but until today I was completely sure that the
> correct one is the second.

DNA sequences are (almost?) always shown as the non-coding strand. So if a DNA
sequence is written as ATCG, then this is the non-coding strand; the coding
strand has TAGC in the 3'->5' direction. The mRNA is produced by base-pairing
to the coding strand, so you end up with AUGC.

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