[Biopython-dev] Contribution Structure Comparison

Peter Lackner Peter.Lackner at sbg.ac.at
Thu Sep 1 10:14:06 EDT 2005

Dear Biopython developers,

I'd like to contribute code (Module SComPy) for protein structure
comparison to biopython. This expands the PDB and SVDSuperimposer
module. The code consists of (i) a library of classes and functions
for performing different steps in standard structure comparison
approaches, (ii) a C extension implementing some time-critical
procedures and (iii) examples application performing structure
alignments. The code is documented in epydoc conform style.

There is one supplementary script which preprocess PDB files to
be usable for for SComPy a two scripts which demonstrate some
low level functionality.

Please let me know if you are interested to integrate SComPy 
into Biopython.



 Peter Lackner
 Department of Molecular Biology
 University of Salzburg , Austria

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