[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1876] Bio.pairwise2 generates incorrect Needleman-Wunsch score_matrix

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------- Comment #7 from jchang at biopython.org  2005-10-07 20:51 -------
The algorithms produce equivalent scores and alignments when the gap penalties
are linear.  However, the algorithm implemented in Biopython is more general
and can handle more exotic non-linear models of gap penalties.

It's been many years since I've looked at this, but IIRC the original
Needleman-Wunsch paper described the algorithm implemented in Biopython, and
the algorithm in Durbin is a refinement made later to increase its speed.  The
refinement is much faster [ O(NM) vs O(NNM) ].  In biopython, for the case of
affine gap penalties, the alignment algorithm in _make_score_matrix_fast is a
hybrid of the two approaches, that has O(NM) running time, while also being
easier (for me) to understand and debug.

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