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Thu Oct 21 16:30:10 EDT 2004

Dear potential speaker:

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend a cordial invitation for you to attend one or both of the upcoming IPSI BgD Multidisciplinary (M.), Interdisciplinary (I.), and Transdisciplinary (T.) conferences (the M.I.T. research approach).

Please note, all those who attended an IPSI conference once, always like to come back! If you have not attended an IPSI conference so far, please check with those who did (you can find their names on our web).

The first will be in Hawaii:

Big Island Hawaii (arrival: 6 January 2005 / departure: 9 January 2005)
Deadlines: 20 October 2004 (abstract, only 100 words) / 20 November 2004 (full paper)

The second will be in Amalfi, Italy:

Amalfi, Italy (arrival: 17 February 2005 / departure: 20 February 2005.)
Deadlines: 30 October 2004 (abstract) / 10 December 2004 (full papers)

All IPSI BgD conferences are non-profit.  They bring together the elite of the world of science; so far, we have had seven Nobel Laureates speaking at the opening ceremonies).  The conferences always take place in some of the most attractive locations in the world.

These conferences are in line with the newest recommendations of the US National Science Foundation and from the European Union to stress multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research.  The speakers and activities at the conferences truly support this type of scientific interaction.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Internet
* Computer Science and Engineering
* Management and Business Administration
* Education
* e-Medicine
* Electrical Engineering
* Bioengineering
* Environmental Protection
* e-Economy.
* Social Impacts of e-World

If you would like more information on either conference, please reply to this e-mail message (one can also find more information on the web).

If you plan to submit an abstract and paper, please let us know immediately for planning purposes.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. V. Milutinovic
IPSI BgD Conferences


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