[Biopython-dev] new biopython modules

Gaag, Marijn van der Marijn.vanderGaag at wur.nl
Mon Apr 26 03:45:23 EDT 2004


I have made a parser and a record module for Fasta/ssearch similarity search results, similar to those made by Jeff Chang for parsing blast/recording the results.
Are you interested in it for use in biopython? 
If so, let me know and I will send you the scripts. We (Plant Research International at the Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands) are using these two modules for storing results of batch fasta searches. 

However, I will not be available for maintaining these modules since I will move to another job soon and will not be involved in bioinformatics anymore. 

marijn van der gaag
Plant research International
Wageningen University and Research Centre
The Netherlands

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