[Biopython-dev] Re: Work towards getting KDTree compiling

Michael Hoffman hoffman at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Apr 19 16:01:24 EDT 2004

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004 thamelry at binf.ku.dk wrote:

> It works for me on Mandrake 9.2 (it also worked before, of course).
> But I've noticed that in the first two steps gcc is still used instead of
> g++.

On OSF1 V5.1 it also used cc instead of cxx which means it doesn't work.

The reason for this is that the compiler_so attribute of the compiler
object is always set to the C compiler. There is no compiler_cxx_so. I
think this is a bug in distutils. If you need additional options set
for shared object compilation you can always do it through the CXX
environment variable.

I hope no one minds that I just checked in a "customization"
(translation: slightly hacky workaround) to the build_ext_biopython
class which fixed this on OSF1. Things still work for me on Redhat
Linux 9 with the new setup.py.
Michael Hoffman <hoffman at ebi.ac.uk>
European Bioinformatics Institute

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