[Biopython-dev] maintenance release

Michiel Jan Laurens de Hoon mdehoon at ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Sun Sep 14 02:54:28 EDT 2003

I tried to install the CVS version of Biopython with Cygwin and with 
Windows. On Cygwin, I don't get any errors. On Windows, I am still 
getting the error with EUtils\DTDs. It wasn't clear to me from CVS if 
the fix for this error has been committed yet, so maybe I should just 
try again later.


$ /cygdrive/c/Python23/python setup.py bdist_wininst
error: build\bdist.win32\wininst\PURELIB\Bio\EUtils\DTDs: No such file 
or directory

Jeffrey Chang wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> It's about time to make a release that fixes the Martel install bug.  
> I've fixed this in the version in the CVS.  Could everyone please try it 
> out?  If things go smoothly, I'll make a release later this week.  The 
> main changes in this version will be:
> Martel - The setup script was not detecting that Martel would be 
> installed, and complained that it was missing.  This is now fixed.
> EUtils DTDs - Brad fixed this in setup.py.  This will go into the release.
> Numeric Python - If numeric is missing, Bio.Cluster does not compile.  
> Thus, the setup script now only install Bio.Cluster if Numeric is 
> installed.  I have documented this dependency in README.
> There are also some other miscellaneous changes I've documented in the 
> NEWS file.
> Also, test_Time.py in the Martel regression tests is failing.  Can 
> someone fix this?
> Jeff
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