[Biopython-dev] Possible contributor

Rasmus Fogh rhf22 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 22 10:34:39 EDT 2003

Dear BioPython,

We (the CCPN project - www.ccpn.ac.uk) think we might make a natural
contributor to BioPython, We are making a standard datamodel in the areas
of BioMolecular NMR, macromolecular structure, and Biochemistry LIMS
programs, including a model in UML, extensive, highly functional APIs to
support the data model, a standard XML data format, I/O libraries, and
some utility programs (e.g. NMR area format converters). We release all
this under LGPL.

To give you an impression, we have over 300 000 lines of python code and
over 500 000 lines of HTML documentation to contribute (most of which is
autogenerated from our UML model). We are currently working on extending
our model from Python/XML to include also Java APIs and relational
database storage.

We do have a few questions:

Where do I find a copy of the license and conditions of distribution?

Is this an integrated project (thus with extensive coordination
requirements) or a collection of independent deposited software? What
obligations would we be taking on?

Do we have to deposit to your CVS repository and who would get write

We follow a slightly different set of style guidelines, in that we use
internalUpperCase instead of separated_by_underscore, and we generate our
own HTML documentation format. Would this be a problem?

Can we just put our name and URL on the ScriptingCentral page, and might
this be better than contributing to the CVS?

Thanks for your help,


Dr. Rasmus H. Fogh                  Email: r.h.fogh at bioc.cam.ac.uk
Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge,
80 Tennis Court Road, Cambridge CB2 1GA, UK.     FAX (01223)766002

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