[Biopython-dev] Software demonstration at GIW 2003 in Japan

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Sat Oct 18 12:05:17 EDT 2003


> Thank you for your feedback on my proposed software demonstration at GIW
> this year. I have put together a draft of the paper describing the 
> software; it can be downloaded from 
> http://bonsai.ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~mdehoon/biopython.pdf. Please let me 
> know if any changes should be made to it.

Looks great. Thanks for doing this -- it's definitely a positive
thing to get the word out about Biopython.

> I agree with Iddo that is is better to include the original Biopython 
> developers Jeff, Brad and Andrew as co-authors of this paper.

Thanks. Sure I'll take my name on more papers :-).

> Thanks again, particularly for the pecop and fragnostic websites, I'll 
> use those at the software demo to show Biopython in action.

If you want more examples of real life applications using Biopython,
I've recently stuck up a page with code I'm using for my graduate


It's not really a software demo kind of thing but is at least an
application of using Biopython for something "real." Also, if you
want to steal stuff from my BOSC biopython talk you are more then
welcome -- there's a tarball of the talk plus the LaTeX and
associated figures at:


Good luck with the presentation!

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