[Biopython-dev] installing numeric pyhton for biopython

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Mon Nov 24 11:57:45 EST 2003


>    does biopython work on python 2.3.2 or only on 2.2.3

It works without any problem on python 2.3.2.

> I have redhat linux 9 on my system i cannot install numerical pyhton  can 
> anyone help me to install the numerical python on linux.
> I have installed all the other modules it is working fine.
> i installed numeric pythoon it installs but when iam trying to test it gives 
> me an error no module found.

You'll probably have to provide a bit more information before we can
help you. Are you installing from source or using rpms? What exactly
did you do to install it? What exactly is the error you are getting?

The biopython installation instructions at:


describe installation from source with all of the dependencies. Have
you had a look at this? If so, letting us know exactly where
problems occur would be very helpful.

Hope this helps.

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