[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1550] python setup.py install --home=~ fails

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Mon Nov 3 14:31:53 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From jchang at biopython.org  2003-11-03 14:31 -------
OK, I know what is causing this.  setup.py wants to install the dtd files 
under EUtils to python's site-packages.  When it doesn't have permission 
to write under there, the installation fails.  Mine was working because 
distutils noticed that the files were already there and didn't try to copy them 

The proper fix is to see if distutils passes around the root directory (or 
home), and install the data fiels under there.  However, distutils did not do 
that the last time I checked, so we may have to hack the setup.py file to 
recognize --home, and use that.  Ugh.

I'll look into this later this week.

The good news is, this appears to only affect the Bio.EUtils package.  If 
you were not plannign on using this, the rest of Biopython should still work 

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