[Biopython-dev] will the biopython project be willing to be test case for relocating our webserver and mailing lists?

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Thu May 8 13:37:52 EDT 2003

> >I'd like to use biopython as the first test case because you folks 
> >have  a simple website (looks like static HTML plus an old wiki) and 
> >three low traffic email lists. Plus Brad/Andrew/JeffC all know their 
> >way around our servers and can quickly notice problems if any occur.

> Brad has been working on a new version of the website, that is 
> generally more easy to manage and better integrated with the blog.  Is 
> this a good time to switch to that?  Or do you want to see if we can 
> get a straight migration first?

This is also cool with me. I am willing to do the website switching
this weekend if that works with everyone (Sunday evening would work
good with me).

The new page is a little more complicated since it's not straight
HTML, but also doesn't need the wiki (I don't really think there is
much reason to keep that around) so it's easier in some ways. Plus
I'm willing to do the work in getting it up and running provided I
can get sudo access or whatever. So this makes it lots easier for

So, yeah: +1 for moving to the new server and +1 for using the new


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