[Biopython-dev] will the biopython project be willing to be test case for relocating our webserver and mailing lists?

Jeffrey Chang jchang at jeffchang.com
Thu May 8 13:24:47 EDT 2003

No problem with me.

Brad has been working on a new version of the website, that is 
generally more easy to manage and better integrated with the blog.  Is 
this a good time to switch to that?  Or do you want to see if we can 
get a straight migration first?


On Thursday, May 8, 2003, at 10:08  AM, Chris Dagdigian wrote:

> Hi folks,
> We need to retire "open-bio.org" which is our ancient 500mhz Alpha box 
> running Redhat 6.2.  It's old, has just 128M of memory, small disks 
> and is hard to keep secure.
> Its also our most important box as it does all of our mailing lists 
> and a majority of our high traffic websites.
> We have a new machine up online at va1220.open-bio.org that is meant 
> to replace the alphaserver. It has Redhat 8.0, lots of memory, a pair 
> of 80gig disks etc.
> Once the machine gets renamed to "portal.open-bio.org" and I can 
> generate some SSL certificates I want to start moving projects onto 
> the new box. I've spent a ton of time hand-tuning sendmail and 
> building in anti-spam and anti-virus scanning
> This is complicated because Mailman listserve is so tightly tied to 
> the web that we pretty much have to move email, mailman and the 
> website all at once to avoid disrupting things.
> I'd like to use biopython as the first test case because you folks 
> have  a simple website (looks like static HTML plus an old wiki) and 
> three low traffic email lists. Plus Brad/Andrew/JeffC all know their 
> way around our servers and can quickly notice problems if any occur.
> Advantages to the move:
> o website will be able to be edited via webDAV which opens up 
> opportunities to stuff with DreamWeaver etc. It should be far easier 
> for you to work on your website after the move
> o Lots of anti-spam stuff embedded within sendmail including RBL 
> blackhole checks, Vipul's Razor, Spamassassin and MimeDefang
> o Virus scanning on all inbound emails for the first time via McAfee 
> virus scanner
> o SSL access for mailing lists and admin tasks
> o SSL/TLS encryption for sendmail and email
> o faster machine, Linux on Intel,  lots of disk space
> o possibility for IMAP mailboxes for developers
> This _DOES NOT_ affect your CVS or sourcecode. Just the machine that 
> hosts your mailing lists and website.
> You guys up for this? Let me know.
> -Chris
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