[Biopython-dev] "Final" biopython website for your inspection

Yves Bastide Yves.Bastide at irisa.fr
Thu Mar 20 08:30:01 EST 2003

Brad Chapman wrote:
> Hey all;
> Based on the feedback I got on the first version of a new biopython
> website that I sent out, I figured that a few people liked it and it
> didn't make anyone retch -- so I went ahead and finished what I consider
> a "final" biopython website I'd be willing to put up as the main site.
> The site, for your fine inspection, is up at:
> http://evostick.agtec.uga.edu/biopython/

Nice! Except for the open-bio.org/styles-site.css style sheet designed 
for IE and which prescribes too small fonts for other browsers...

> Brad


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