[Biopython-dev] "Final" biopython website for your inspection

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Wed Mar 19 17:44:23 EST 2003

Hey all;
Based on the feedback I got on the first version of a new biopython
website that I sent out, I figured that a few people liked it and it
didn't make anyone retch -- so I went ahead and finished what I consider
a "final" biopython website I'd be willing to put up as the main site.

The site, for your fine inspection, is up at:


It contains all of the content we talked about last go at the site. This
is less static text then before, which I think is a good thing since
it's very hard to keep all of that updated.

I've also added a Participants page that can be edited online (add
yourself, delete yourself, edit your information). It uses a single
username and password to allow you to login and do the editing, to
provide enough "security" that someone especially annoying can't delete
everyone or do other mischievous things. I'd encourage people to add
themselves and play around with it. The login name is 'biopython' and
the password is 'user.'

I'd love to get feedback on this and get it in a final form so that we
can get it going at biopython.org. Please play around with it and let
with it and let me know any thoughts.

Doing the site was a good experience for me as I haven't done much with
(semi-)interactive sites before -- mmmm, sessions, cookies; lots of
learning for me. Now I'm ready to leave you suckas in the dust and
embark on a wondeful new life of making big coin designing websites :-).


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