[Biopython-dev] Fwd: "Go on Safari"--O'Reily UG Program

Jeffrey Chang jchang at smi.stanford.edu
Fri Jun 20 00:31:29 EDT 2003

Anyone interested in doing this?  Please let me know.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Marsee Henon <marsee at oreilly.com>
> Date: Thu Jun 19, 2003  3:16:23  PM US/Pacific
> To: jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
> Subject: "Go on Safari"--O'Reily UG Program
> Hello User Group Leader,
> Due to the overwhelming success of our recent "Go On Safari" program,
> we have decided to offer all of you User Group leaders another chance
> to participate in this cool promotion for the O'Reilly Network Safari
> Bookshelf. And once again, Tim O'Reilly will be the grand prize.
> Here's how it works to "Go On Safari":
> 1-Post a Safari announcement
> Post a "Go On Safari" banner ad on your user group web site, and/or run
> an announcement for your members in a print or email newsletter or on
> your email discussion list. The banner ads are available at the Safari
> User Group Resource page at http://ug.oreilly.com/banners/safari (After
> you have completed this step, please send an email with the URL or copy
> of the Safari announcement to marsee at oreilly.com.)
> 2-Pick a reviewer
> A member of your user group (you or someone you designate) reviews
> Safari. That person will get a free one-year subscription if they
> publish a review of Safari within 60 days of opening their account. (It
> can be published in your newsletter, on your website or email list, or
> in another publication altogether; please send reviews to me.)
> Once you've chosen your Safari reviewer, please send me an email
> (marsee at oreilly.com), with the subject heading "Safari Subscription,"
> listing your reviewer's name, address, email, and user group. If
> someone other than your reviewer should receive the banner ad or
> announcement text, please include that in your email. Your reviewer
> will receive a Safari Welcome email containing their user name and
> password within a week.
> 3-Have your members send in tips and tricks
> We also have an introductory program just for user group members
> http://www.oreilly.com/safari/ug. To enter, any of your members who
> sign up for our Safari 14-day free trial email (including the official
> reviewer) send comments on their experiences, or tips and tricks for
> how they used Safari (it only needs to be 2 sentences long, but it may
> be longer) to safari_talk at oreilly.com.
> ***Submitters should include your UG name in their email.***
> 4-Winners are picked weekly
> Every week someone will be chosen from the tips or comments submitted
> to receive fun stuff from O'Reilly (T-shirts, book bags, other
> surprises). If a member of your user group is selected, your group
> receives free gifts, too. Whatever the individual member receives, your
> UG will get one, too, to give away at your next meeting, or use however
> you see fit. Recipients--and their comments--will be announced in the
> User Group Newsletter.
> 5-Win a visit from Tim O'Reilly
> One lucky group will be selected for an on-site speaking visit from our
> fearless leader, Tim O'Reilly (http://tim.oreilly.com/).
> About the O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf:
> If you're not yet familiar with the O'Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf,
> it's worth a look. With Safari, you can access over 1,000 technical
> books from the top technical book publishers--O'Reilly (of course),
> Pearson, and Microsoft Press. There is an extremely cool search
> capability that allows you to search through all 1,000+ books for the
> answer you need--or even code samples--in minutes. Check it out at:
> http://safari.oreilly.com/
> We're looking forward to hearing what you think of the O'Reilly Network
> Safari Bookshelf
> Thanks,
> Marsee

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