[Biopython-dev] making new release

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Sun Jun 15 13:12:09 EDT 2003

Hey Jeff, Thomas;

> >KDTree and LocusLink are commented out in setup.py (which gives
> >import warnings in the test). Is there are a reason for this or
> >should we try to get those working as well?

> The LocusLink tests were failing before the last release, so I backed 
> it out before release.  Cayte has made some changes, so we can try it 
> again.

Okay, I just tried it out and tests seem to pass happily now, so I
modified setup.py to install it by default. Woo.

> KDTree works fine. But: it needs a working C++ compiler, and 
> a complete installation of Numpy (including header files) to compile. 
> It seems that on Solaris it does not compile due to a bug in Distutils, which 
> is not really coping well with C++ on some platforms (ie. missing flags, 
> compiling with gcc instead of g++ etc.). 

> Distutils was causing some problems compiling KDTree on Solaris.  Has 
> anyone been following the the development of distutils and know whether 
> this has been addressed yet?  KDTree will probably be an optional 
> module until we get a fix or work-around for this issue.

Okee dokee. Leaving it out is completely fine with me if there are
compilation problems on some platforms. I was just curious.

All tests are now passing for me (python 2.2.3) and everything seems
happy. Good stuff.


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