[Biopython-dev] making new release

Jeffrey Chang jefftc at stanford.edu
Fri Jun 13 01:11:56 EDT 2003

Hey developers,

It feels like time to make a new release.  There's been a bunch of new 
code and fixes, and the BLAST parser is sufficiently out of date.  :)  
Plus, Michiel is anxious to get his new clustering software available!  
Hmmm...  I just noticed that Andrew just checked in EUtils as well.

So, everybody working on the code in the CVS repository, please let me 
know where you are.  Specifically, I need to know whether the code is 
not ready to be released yet, and when it will be.

All the tests should pass.  On my system now, test_FSSP is failing.  It 
looks minor -- Iddo?


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