[Biopython-dev] parsers status

Jeffrey Chang jchang at jeffchang.com
Tue Feb 25 03:33:36 EST 2003

Yeah, unfortunately, there's no documentation on it.  There should 
be...  Brad's doing a reorg of the documentation now, so it will be 
easier to manage and integrate the stuff people write!  ;)

It's a cool system that Andrew Dalke developed, that does really fast 
parsing, automatic format detection, and makes it easier to write 


On Monday, February 24, 2003, at 02:38 AM, Yves Bastide wrote:

> Jeffrey Chang wrote:
>> The FormatIO system is starting to mature, so it is a good idea to 
>> start thinking about using Martel expressions for new parsers (and 
>> possibly porting old ones).  The new system has a lot of advantages, 
>> such as exporting a unified interface, format auto-detecting, 
>> integration with data loading.
> [...]
> How does one use FormatIO?  There's no documentation on it, and I've 
> been unable to grok it yet. (Too bad, didn't know wublast.py before 
> hacking Blast.NCBIStandalone... :-/)
> Thanks,
> yves
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