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	From: HIPAA Compliance Office <ptytrevlaws at sfo.com>
	Subject: Important HIPAA Update.
	Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 03:21:46 -0400
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From: HIPAA Compliance Office <ptytrevlaws at sfo.com>
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Subject: Important HIPAA Update.
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Warning To All Employees In Any Health Care Environment:

If you are not yet HIPAA compliant, you could be in violation.
Failure to be HIPAA compliant by April 14th is punishable by up to
$100,000 fines and 10 years in prison PER VIOLATION.

Not only doctors and nurses need to be HIPAA compliant. Included are
(but not limited to) Lab Assistants, Medical Assistants, Billing
Clerks, and front desk personnel.  Not just understand HIPAA, but be
compliant with the regulations by April 14th 2003.  A dealine which
has now passed.

Further delay should not be an option.  Call 877-920-8272 (toll
free) for more information on how easy it can be for your office to
become compliant.

For Busy Doctors and Office Managers:
How to Be On Your Way To HIPAA Compliance in 72 Hours

TCRA has taken all of the regulations, legislation, and rhetoric and
boiled it down in to an "only what you need to know, nothing more,
nothing less" solution.

TCRA’s exclusive HIPAA compliance software contains:
1.28 lessons on all aspects of HIPAA.
2.A library of over 50 completely customizable contracts, forms, and
3.Comprehensive back office management tool that track who has
completed the program and who has not.
4. A full color certificate for successful completion of the
training suitable for framing!
5.Customer service is provided by HIPAA experts giving you peace of
mind after your purchase is made.
6.Content is delivered securely using proprietary Secure Learning
Management System (SLMS).

Remember that this offer is priced for the small to mid sized office
or clinic in mind.  This means you are going to get a lot of
valuable and easy to use information at a very reasonable price.


Act Today and Receive A Special Discount For Starting Your
Compliance Training.

Please mention special promotional code TCRA501 for a DISCOUNTED

Call today toll free for more information:  877-920-8272

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