[Biopython-dev] broken link on www.biopython.org

Mitchell L Model MLModel at wesleyan.edu
Wed Apr 16 11:41:42 EDT 2003

I apologize for the probably inappropriate destination of this 
message, but I couldn't find any information at 
http://www.biopython.org about who should be sent comments about the 
site itself, and I didn't think the biopython mailing list would be 
appropriate for that.  So:

I think there should be an email address on the home page, like there 
is on most, to which people can send site bug reports. 
(Webmaster at biopython.org, or whatever, which I'm cc'ing here in the 
vague hope that that works.)  Or, a separate "Contacts" link in your 
left-side menu which then contains that information.  I realize it's 
all volunteers and no-one really wants to hear about the site itself, 
but someone must be responsible for site maintenance.

The link to the "BITS Online Journal" is broken.


	Mitchell L Model
	Visiting Associate Professor
	Computer Science
	(860) 685-3915
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