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	From: "" <jpm at thefoxpro.prestel.co.uk>
	Subject: FW: RE: UNLOCK PPV from your Digital _Cable Box lwiuda u et eyqljz
	Date: Wed, 02 Apr 03 22:20:46 GMT
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Subject: FW: RE: UNLOCK PPV from your Digital _Cable Box lwiuda u et eyqljz
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 03 22:20:46 GMT
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This is the NEWEST and BEST Digital CATV Filter/PPV Tester that can test y=
our digital cable pay-per-view purchase functions and can also eliminate u=
nwanted interference caused by your broadband connection. This is a "True"=
 universal product. It will work on 99% of all digital cable systems in us=
e today. This little filter has several different uses: Interference filte=
r, PPV tester, and... it is even being sold as a "Digital Descrambler" by =
some sites on the net.   <a href=3D"http://xyz.emailspecialz.com/cm/15/">C=
lick here</a>

This invaluable little tool is used by technicians on equipment they are r=
epairing and testing. When the technician tests the "Buy" button on the re=
mote and pay-per-view programming comes into view, confirming reception, t=
he technician will then shut off the box so no one can watch the paid prog=
ramming and the customer is not billed for the PPV that was ordered since =
this device prevents the billing information from being transferred from t=
he cable box to the cable company.  

1. Are the filters you sell legal?
Perfectly Legal. Yes... it is legal to own your own cable descrambling 

<a href=3D"http://xyz.emailspecialz.com/cm/15/">Click here</a>

2. This descrambler is awesome. I've bought others before but either had 
problems connecting them or they were not compatible with my cable provide=
I've told all my friends about it, thanks! 
DM - Des Moines, Iowa
<a href=3D"http://xyz.emailspecialz.com/cm/15/">Click here</a>

3. By having this device connected to your digital cable box...any 
and all programming that can be received by pressing the "Buy",
 "Order" or "Purchase" button on your remote can be viewed 
without the billing information reaching the cable company.

<a href=3D"http://xyz.emailspecialz.com/cm/15/">Click here</a>

xmuedgsp tv
ce y ilyrl  

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