[Biopython-dev] The Status of the Tests

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Nov 24 17:02:49 EST 2002

Hey all;
I gave a hack at the Tests today and I think I have them all working but
five with the following problems:

test_GFF -- We need the files for the tests. I'm not sure how this doctest
stuff works exactly, but we need to put the NC_001802x.fna or whatever files
somewhere in the Tests directory so it can find them.

test_locuslink -- we are missing the file "LL_block" from the LocusLink

test_easy -- We seem to be missing '../Tests/easy/multi.fna' and

test_ais and test_HotRand -- These tests takes waaaaaaaay too long to run 
and I guess it is because they are fetching stuff from the web (true random
numbers). I just disabled them especially since they'll be a mess on a machine
without an internet connection.

test_trie -- I get the following import error with this: dynamic module does
not define init function (inittrie). This is after adding it to the 
compiled extensions. I have zero idea what this means or how to fix it.

Anyways, if people can fix their stuff in these tests (mostly missing
files), we can get them all running smoothly and happily.

Now I go to sleep. Man, am I ever sick.

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