[Biopython-dev] Making biopython release

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Thu Nov 21 14:39:56 EST 2002

Hey Jeff;
Thanks for getting this together.

Sweet, it doesn't look like any bugs belong to me. That bugzilla stuff
is confuuuusing. Well, maybe only if you look at it for two seconds and
scratch your head. And my tests work, still. Nice.

I'll volunteer to do the following (probably this weekend):

> 2.  Make sure the tutorial is still current.  Modules have moved
> around.
> 3.  Make sure example scripts are still work.  Either fix or remove
> them.

I think any bad things here are mostly my doing, so I'll try to make
sure they're all current.

I also sign up for:

=> Figuring out what is up with bioSQL. Get a schema that works with the
code and put it in the release.

=> Making the Windows installer (for python2.2 only, yay!)

I agree with just targetting python 2.2 -- they are already on their
second bugfix release of this release and it's been around for a long
time. Also RedHat has finally moved away from 1.5.2, I think, so
probably it's good to keep pushing people forward on having current
versions. Plus it's easier for us.

Man-this-release-stuff-is-hard-work-ly yr's,

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