[Biopython-dev] Making biopython release

Thomas Hamelryck thamelry at vub.ac.be
Thu Nov 21 03:18:42 EST 2002

Jeff wrote:

> Thomas, I've gotten some reports that people are having trouble
> compiling the C++ KDTree module.  

As far as I remember there was once one trivial problem with a default 
argument that was defined twice but that has been corrected. I haven't heard 
of any problems since.

> Sorry to be so vague about it.  I don't have a reproducible.  I'll try and 
> hunt down the reports.  If people have problems compiling it, we will have 
> to back it out.

Well, I hope you can at least send me the problem reports then,
so I can solve the problems! :-)


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