[Biopython-dev] New module for analysis of DNA and Protein sequences

Yair Benita Y.Benita at pharm.uu.nl
Thu May 23 07:21:26 EDT 2002

Hi all,
I am doing some DNA and protein analysis and I have arranged all my scripts
in one module. It contains two classes: DnaAnalysis and ProteinAnalysis.
Both classes use a sequence object as input (from Seq.py).

DnaAnalysis: calculates nucleotide content, GC content,codon adaptation
index, translation to protein (with Tools.translate) and gives access to the
ProteinAnalysis class.

ProteinAnalysis: calculates amino acid content, molecular weight, protein
stability, flexibility, hydrophobicity, pi.

I also have a module for calculating the area under the curve. It is useful,
for instance, to know which fraction of a protein is hydrophobic and which
is hydrophilic. It is more informative than averaging. I am not sure if I
should include this.

Let me know what to do next. I am not sure how it works for submitting
modules and what is the procedure. Is someone checking the code?

Yair Benita
Pharmaceutical Proteomics
Utrecht University

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