[Biopython-dev] Finally! Subclass of Dispatch working

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Mon May 13 17:34:05 EDT 2002

  A subclass of Dispatch works now!  Jeff suggested double inheritance from
EventGenerator and Dispatch.
EventGenerator has the glue to the Martel tags.  Dispatch has a better
callback mechanism that allows calls to nested tags.
    goose = Group( "goose", Str( "goose" ) )
    gaggle = Group( "gaggle", RepN( goose ) )

With Dispatch you can call back on both goose and  gaggle without conflict.

  I thought multiple inheritance would be a mess but it turns out all I have
to add is one member variable,
interest_tags to the Dispatch subclass.  I suggest adding it to Dispatch
itself tp prevent confusion.

 Hopefully I can submit some parsers that were on hold after I check the


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