[Biopython-dev] seamless integration

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Mon May 6 19:01:37 EDT 2002

  My experiences with biopython ( and with open source in general ) is that
the biggest challenge is fitting the pices together.  People largely
contribute for personal satisfaction but the incentive to make codepatible
with someone elses code doesn't exist. Even in commercial industry I've
round robined among several vendors when an interoperability problem
  Recently I tried the Metatool parser with the latest version of Numeric
and its spinoff, NumPy.  NumPy failed because its definition of INF was too
large for an X86 compatible.  The bug has been reported but not yet fixed.
Last time I ran the ECell script it required the development version to run.
Zope doesn't play with the format directory, at least on my machine.
  If we can come up with ideas to present an integrated package where new
components can be easily plugged in, II'm convinced biopython will take off.


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