[Biopython-dev] Neural Networks

Yair Benita Y.Benita at pharm.uu.nl
Tue Mar 5 09:03:46 EST 2002

on 5/3/2002 14:52, Brad Chapman at chapmanb at arches.uga.edu wrote:

> I started writing some docs for it a while back, but never finished due
> to some problems with focusing my mind, I guess. The docs that are there
> should help you get started -- one day I'll hopefully finish the docs
> and get them into the Biopython tutorial.
> You can pick up the documentation I have from:
> http://bioinformatics.org/bradstuff/bp/PGML_Tutorial.pdf

Hi Brad,
Thanks for the docs. I am already into NN testing different pacakages and
stuff. I do have some python functions to generate input files for NN on the
basis of sparse coding. Can this be interesting for you?
Yair Benita
Pharmaceutical Proteomics
Utrecht University

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