[Biopython-dev] Failed Tests

Jeffrey Chang jchang at smi.stanford.edu
Tue Jul 16 21:26:01 EDT 2002

Since many people won't have net connections all the time, the
regression tests shouldn't require there to be a net connection.

I have submitted a bug report for augmenting the regression testing
framework that gracefully handle times when the internet is

All core developers should create accounts on the experimental
Bugzilla database at http://cvs.bioperl.org/bugzilla.


On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 09:16:15PM -0700, Cayte wrote:
>   I'm concerned because the fourmilab random number site seems to be down
> tonight so tests of programs that use it ( Ais and HotRand ) won't work.
> For the future maybe I could force a bunch of vals into the cache next time
> the server is up to protect against server problems.
>                                                          Cayte
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