[Biopython-dev] KD tree module

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Jul 5 09:20:26 EDT 2002

[potential problems with the tests that had me all freaked out :-)]

> I was running "python br_regrtest.py" as suggested in 
> http://www.biopython.org/wiki/html/BioPython/RegressionTests.html
> (and 25 tests failed). Is that documentation out-of-date? Sorry for causing 
> panic! :-)

No worries :-). Sorry about the out of date documentation -- I've
updated that page so that br_regrtest.py is no longer mentioned.
Basically I rewrote br_regrtest.py into run_tests.py and added and
modified things to fix some problems we were having with br_regrtest. We
should get rid of br_regrtest sometime to get rid of confusion, but
since it's Andrew's work I am afraid to delete it; I don't want him
coming after me :-).

> When using "python run_tests.py" (almost) everything looks OK (FAIL: 
> test_BioSQL, but that might be due to my setup, I guess).

Great that most everything works! I'm not sure what the BioSQL problem
is -- I would like it to fail gracefully in cases where people aren't
setup for it; if you send the error I can try to mess with things so
that it doesn't complain.

Thanks for letting us know about the out of date docs!

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