[Biopython-dev] Why don't we start the documentations as well?

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed Jul 3 14:24:09 EDT 2002

[newly HappyDoc'ed biopython]

> One question/remark though:
> * A paragraph that begins with a '-', '*', or 'o' is treated as an unordered
> list (bullet) element. (Note: In list paragraphs it is not necessary to
> separate each list item with a blank line.)
> </quote>
> This is supposed to apply to HappyDoc, but it doesn't happen, so you get
> funny stuff like:
> Maybe there is some option missing when running HappyDoc so that the
> docstrings are interpreted as plain text?

Actually, the problem is that HappyDoc treats things in a manner I
didn't expect. In order to get a nice bulletted list you have to:

* write the bullet points

* with a space between each bullet point

* which can get annoying if you have lots of bullet points

* or just don't like have a million blank spaces in your comments

Anyways, in the cases where it isn't processed, I probably either wrote
it before I realized that you need the spaces or was just too annoyed to
put in all that extra whitespace :-).

I keep hoping that new releases of HappyDoc will clean this up so you
can have nice tight lists and pretty generated documentation. In the
meantime, I guess I just haven't figured out what too do :-).

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