[Biopython-dev] Why don't we start the documentations as well?

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Jul 1 12:17:11 EDT 2002

Hey guys;

> >> For example, Once somebody learned how to use
> >> BioPython and wants to use HMMs where does he go?
> > 
> > The HMM module was not Happy Doc'ed for some reason. If it was, you would
> > have a list of classes & methods etc. and a lot of documentation. I checked
> > in the source code - it contains a lot of info. Simply applying Happy Doc
> > would make that information readily available. I do not see any advantage in
> > generating that info manually. Or am I missing something?

Ugh, yeah, the HappyDoc documentation was badly out of date. I just
updated everything so all the current classes should be included. If I
missed something, please let me know!

> I guess its also fine, I don't have a preference as long as we get started
> on that. What do you think Jeff?

More documentation is always better so whatever you want to work on is
fine with me. The HappyDoc generated documentation is just a way to
extract the classes and methods, and to get the comments from the source
code; this way people can look at pretty HTML pages instead of the code
if they like to.

Personally, I wouldn't duplicate what HappyDoc gives, as that is a ton 
of pretty boring manual work and very tough to keep up to date by hand.
But, any other documentation you want to work on is great!

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