[Biopython-dev] PCR module

Yair Benita Y.Benita at pharm.uu.nl
Mon Jul 1 10:37:59 EDT 2002

on 29/5/02 8:29, Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten at thomas at cbs.dtu.dk wrote:

> Ok, I am working on it!
> Bio/SeqUtils/__init__.py

So, how does it work? Should I send my scripts and you go through them and
sort them out or would you prefer to define a strategy and I can fit the
methods to that?

I also have many PCR utilities including the extraction of exons from a
given coding sequence (in case someone wants to use genomic DNA as a
template). Will this be included in the SeqUtils module?

Yair Benita
Pharmaceutical Proteomics
Utrecht University

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