[Biopython-dev] GenBank parsing problem

Yair Benita Y.Benita at pharm.uu.nl
Tue Feb 5 09:42:50 EST 2002

on 30/1/2002 22:53, Chunlei Wu at reillywu at yahoo.com wrote:

> The current release of biopython 1.00a4 doesn't
> include "Std.py" which needed by this new
> genbank_format.py. Then I updated my biopython from
> CVS including Martel and updated genbank_format.py to
> 1.17.
> 2. The code works fine under python shell

This does not work for me. I updated genbank_format.py to 1.17 and also the
__init__.py and Expression.py of Martel. Many attributes called from the
init file are missing in the Expression.py file. What else do I need to
Yair Benita
Pharmaceutical Proteomics
Utrecht University

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