[Biopython-dev] what I'm up to

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Sun Sep 30 20:41:35 EDT 2001

  I'm still looking into nexus, but I'm not sure where the NCL library fits
in.  Do we use it to read in nexus files?  How much continuing support and
development can we expect?  What will the library buy? us.Also, nexus is
more than a sequence format.  It supports phylogenetic and other types of
data.  Mostly, we support sequence data although we're doing a little wiith

 I'm in the process of moving from our summer home to our winter home and
work has turned into an alligator swamp since I got back from vacation.  For
this reason I plan to continue investigating nexus but at a low level.
I'd like to write a parser for MASE instead ( IntelliGenetic format )
because it is an almost-FASTA format and should be doable without a large
time commitment that I can't promise for a month or so.

  Let me know if someone has already .written a MASE parser or has ideas
about nexus or NCL.


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