[Biopython-dev] Last chance to clam PIR parser

Andrew Dalke adalke at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 26 00:27:32 EDT 2001

Hey Cayte,

Oops!  I forgot to follow up when you mentioned this the first time.
There's a set of parsers in Martel (pre-CVS version, not yet
integrated into the current code base).  One of them is for PIR.

The last Martel release I see was version 0.5
and the PIR format definition for Martel is at

I don't recall the status of the parser.  Searching through
the back emails I see a thread of mine titled "PIR parsing" so
you might want to start from

BTW, in other news I'm getting closer to signing a development
agreement to work more on Biopython, which means spending time
finishing up Martel, working on format definitions, etc.


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