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How about  "A:-1-126", direct from SCOP...
16118	px	a.4.5.8	d1b9ma1	1b9m A:-1-126

I am in the middle of updating the SCOP module, and I have already
refactored that code, and fixed this bug. And I've written a nice shiny
unit test.  But I was concerned that this same bug could crop up elsewhere.
Its the kind of obscure boundary case that could trip up any code working 
with PDB sequence numbers.


gec at compbio.berkeley.edu

> Hi Gavin,
> Could you send me a sample of this?  It'll be helpful to have a test 
> case to test fixes.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
> >Full_Name: Gavin Crooks
> >Module: SCOP/Location.py
> >Version:
> >OS:
> >Submission from: sienna.berkeley.edu (
> >
> >PDB residue sequence numbers can, on occasion, be
> >negative. e.g. 1B9N. SCOP domains sometimes start
> >on negative sequence numbers. This breaks the
> >location parser in Bio.SCOP.Location.py

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