[Biopython-dev] recent checkins to CVS

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Wed Oct 10 03:56:30 EDT 2001

Hello everyone,

I've checked in some new stuff into the CVS tree:

1.  I've implemented the fastpairwise dynamic programming code in C. 
It runs much faster now and is probably about as fast as it will get 
without making some more assumptions.

2.  There are 2 new modules in Bio.Tools.Classification: 
LogisticRegression and MaxEntropy.

3.  There is now some preliminary support for the NLM's XML format 
for Medline.  There's a Martel format definition and some code to 
index the files.  However, getting a parser to put things into a data 
structure will take some work and may not happen soon...

Enjoy, and let me know if anything breaks!


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