[Biopython-dev] Who is going to BOSC ?

Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten thomas at cbs.dtu.dk
Mon Mar 26 05:13:07 EST 2001

"Andrew Dalke" <dalke at acm.org> writes:

> Brad:
> >I mean, can anything be as fine as the high quality Pabst 
> >Blue Ribbon? :-)
> PBR?  What about Schlitz?  Or Old Milwaukee?

Hej - I talked about Beer (Zipfer, Carlberg, Tuborg, Gösser etc.) .... not
this _*censured*_ Ale replicas ;-)

> Not that I drink beer, so either cider for me, or I'll
> bring the tequila.  :)

Any Single Malt Fans present ?


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