[Biopython-dev] Who is going to BOSC ?

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Mar 26 04:41:06 EST 2001

Hee... I'm too tired and wired to repond to serious mail right now,
but I can handle this one :-)

> Maybe I should mention that our department is organizing ISMB2001.
> So, I am involved in some preparation parts and will be both at BOSC
> and ISMB2001.

Snazzy, since you're involved with the organizing we'll expect some 
special perks for biopythoners. I'm sure you'll be able to hook us all 
up with a biopython-penthouse-suite for, um, entertaining prospective
investors :-)

> Should we have a biopython-pub meeting ? 
> (In case yu didn't know - the danish beers ARE among the best beer's in the
> world - I should know because I'm Austrian :-)

I can give a big +1 for this idea. I don't know how the best beers in
the world can compare to the fine American beers I'm used to
drinking. I mean, can anything be as fine as the high quality Pabst 
Blue Ribbon? :-)


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