[Biopython-dev] Biopython 1.00a2 release

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jun 28 02:19:32 EDT 2001

Hey happy developers!

It smells like time to put together another release to get some bug 
fixes and new functionality out to the public.  I currently have the 
middle of next week in mind, although that's still up for debate.

Here's my undoubtedly incomplete list of stuff that's been updated 
since the last release (on Mar 3!):
   deprecated old regression testing frameworks
   deprecated Sequence.py  (still needs to be done)
   Swiss-Prot parser bug fixes
   GenBank parser bug fixes
   can now download many sequences at a time from GenBank
   kMeans clustering algorithm
   support for Kabat
   support for FSSP
   numerous updates in alignment code
   fixed memory leak in listfns
   Martel bundled and part of the install procedure

Please let me know if:
   1) you're currently working on something and really want to hold 
off until it's done.
   2) there's new, fixed stuff, or deleted stuff that I overlooked
   3) something I said is done is not ready
   4) I'm out of my mind to be releasing something now

We're still marching towards a 1.0 release sometime.  Before that 
goes out, we'll need to:
   - stabilize the APIs
   - integrate Martel parsers, deprecate old ones
   - flesh out the regression tests

Stuff I'd like, but may not get done:
   - PDB parser
   - internet-aware regression tester
   - dynamic programming code (Brad, where's yours? :)

Let me know what you think.  Core developers, I will wait until I 
hear from each of you before I move forward.


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