[Biopython-dev] bioperl-db

Johann Visagie johann at egenetics.com
Fri Jul 13 04:27:20 EDT 2001

Andrew Dalke on 2001-07-13 (Fri) at 01:13:48 +0100:
>   - I've not used MySQL before

Accessing MySQL via Andy Dustman's MySQLdb module is a strange twilight
experience that is and yet isn't quite unlike most other MySQL APIs.

On the one hand, MySQLdb implements many of the functions of the standard
MySQL C API as methods.  On the other, the emulated cursor class (which
satisfies the Python DB API spec) makes using it very different from any
other MySQL API I've used, and more in line with what you'd expect of an
"enterprise" RDBMS.  Somewhat strange...  but overall MySQLdb is extremely
Pythonic and quite clean.

This all just aside and FYI and all that...

-- V

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