[Biopython-dev] Biopython 1.00a2 release

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at cc.huji.ac.il
Mon Jul 2 02:15:12 EDT 2001


: > Here's my undoubtedly incomplete list of stuff that's been updated
: > since the last release (on Mar 3!):
: [...]
: A few other things I can think of:
: o Can output GenBank.Record objects in GenBank format
: o Fixes and updates in SubsMat code.

I fixed the SubsMat code, commited it + regression tests, and updated the
Wiki docs. AFAIK, should be OK. Let me know if not so.

Also, I added a bit of functionality to FSSP.FSSPTools


: Iddo and I were working on fixes and additions he suggested for the
: Align stuff. He just sent me a revised version today, so I think we
: should be able to have it in within the deadline without a problem.

Yep. I think I can finish this by Tuesday.

: Jeff:
: > Stuff I'd like, but may not get done:
: >  - PDB parser
: Andrew:
: > I use UPDB to generate Martel format definitions.However, it's
: > not really useful unless the parser can build real data structures,

Is anybody familiar with Konrad Hinsen's PDB module which is used, I
believe as part of MMTK? I downloaded it a couple of years ago, and it
seems to stand out well on its own. It might be worth checking out:


(Haven't really looked at it for a while, though).



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