[Biopython-dev] move Martel CVS to biopython

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed Jan 24 05:58:51 EST 2001

Jeffrey Chang writes:
[Andrew muses about how Martel developers will have access to
Biopython code]
> I'm almost completely sure you're aware of this, but I should point out
> that the reverse is true as well; everyone working on biopython code will
> have access to Martel stuff as well.  Make sure you're comfortable with
> this before checking stuff in.

Hee hee! I'm finally going to have my chance to mess with the
Martel code base. All of my evil plans can now begin to take shape :-).

> > There doesn't seem to be any real objection to placing the
> > Martel CVS development in $CVSROOT/biopython/Martel, right?
> Fine with me.

With me as well.

In terms of distribution, if we decide to put Martel inside the
Biopython tree, can we also distribution Martel with Biopython, in
addition to independently? I'm not sure if this was already the plan
or not, but seems to make sense to me, especially if it going to be in 
the same CVS tree.

If we do this, then one potential problem is making life difficult for 
OSes with decent systems for installing dependencies, like Johann
was worried about for FreeBSD. In my vision, we could have a flag in
setup.py like install_martel = 1, which would be on by default. This
could then be set to zero if you want to install Martel from its
independent package separately.

Is this what people were imagining, or am I completely off-target


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