[Biopython-dev] move Martel CVS to biopython

Andrew Dalke dalke at acm.org
Mon Jan 22 11:46:49 EST 2001

>Will you still distribute Martel as a separate package,
>or do you envisage it only to be available as part of BioPython?

I would rather it be distributed independent from Biopython.

I am worried about the increased barrier to entry because it
means more work will need to be done to get Biopython installed.
I realize with packaging systems that barrier is very small,
but I have no feel for what most people do to install a package.

The location of Martel in the CVS repository (as its own tree
or as a branch of the main biopython tree) makes only a
small difference on how it is distributed.  As part of the
main tree it is easier to distribute as one large package,
but it is still simple to distibute as different packages.

So I don't think wherever Martel is placed in CVS will have
an impact on how it is distributed.

Upon further reflection, if there are people interested in
Martel development by not Biopython development, then placing
it under the biopython CVS tree is a bit a problem because
authentication is on the tree level, and not the branch one.
But I can't imagine anyone working on Martel who would need
that sort of forced restraint to keep from working on other

There doesn't seem to be any real objection to placing the
Martel CVS development in $CVSROOT/biopython/Martel, right?


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