[Biopython-dev] move Martel CVS to biopython

Johann Visagie johann at egenetics.com
Mon Jan 22 11:15:06 EST 2001

Andrew Dalke on 2001-01-20 (Sat) at 18:01:15 -0700:
>   The Martel changes now are all very minor so I want
> to move the CVS tree for Martel over to the biopython
> tree.  As I mentioned some time ago, I would like to
> have it be parallel to the "Bio" level and set up to
> be distributable on its own.
>   What are the problems with that?

First, a question:  Will you still distribute Martel as a separate package,
or do you envisage it only to be available as part of BioPython?

If it will still be available independently, then I suggest that there be an
option not to install Martel when installing BioPython.  This would make life
easier for those of us trying to maintain Martel and/or BioPython in the
packaging schemas of various open source operating systems, since it would
then be possible to enforce the dependency externally to distutils and avoid
conflicts (given that "standalone" Martel and the Martel included with
BioPython remain in synchronisation).

-- Johann

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